Annual Subscription


Full Price: $350.00

How much do you pay? One price for a full 12 months of online learning to handle all your technician training needs:

Only $350 for each technician, as many as you need

Annual Subscription | 1 Tech

You can access our entire catalog, over 700 hours, of online Assessments, Courses, Continuing Education Units, and Reviews for an entire year (one at a time, of course).

Learn and earn the credentials that prove your technicians are the best. Subscription Catalog

Have your technicians prepare for:

  • State licensing exams
  • EPA—Environmental Protection Agency 608
  • HVAC Excellence
  • NATE-- North American Technician Excellence
  • R-410A Refrigerant Handling Qualification

What is the best way to prepare your technicians for certification exams?

They need to understand the science behind the work you do.
They need to fit studies into their busy days and learn in the most efficient way possible.
They need learning experiences designed by professional educators.

Annual Subscription includes everything you need for a full 12 months at one reasonable price to fit your needs.

  1. Pre-Assessment—validate what your technicians already know through an online comprehensive Technical Core Assessment, don’t waste time in classes they don’t need.
  2. We develop a Personal Education Plan that provides a roadmap for each technician’s learning program.
  3. All our online courses are available 24 hours every day, no waiting for a course to begin, no travel.
  4. We assess student learning at the end of each learning module and at the end of each course topic.
  5. We provide the employer with participation and progress reports each month, or more often, so you know your investment is well spent.
  6. Mile Markers—students earn a Certificate of Completion for each course topic successfully completed at 75% or above.
  7. Personal Education Plans track technician progress, showing how much progress has been accomplished, and what remains.
  8. When the Personal Education Plan is complete, the technician is fully prepared to take industry certification exams.
  9. Technicians may refresh/review just before sitting for exams—online reviews increase their chance for success.
  10. Technicians can add more industry certifications by choosing additional online courses from our full catalog.
  11. Courses are Asynchronous (available any time).
  12. Courses include Audio and Video elements, simulations, handouts, and more.
  13. Courses are self-paced so you can move as quickly as you like.
  14. You have phone and email access to an instructor to assist / mentor with any course.
  15. New courses are constantly developed to meet and satisfy the educational needs of our ever-expanding industry.

Download the Annual Subscription Catalog for full details.

You must obtain a 75% or higher to obtain a certificate as well as CEU recognition. Course provides you with a Subject Matter Expert (mentor) to assist with questions and all course materials for the duration of the course.

Access is automatic upon completion of purchase with enrollment into our Subscription Lobby. Here you will have access to our Orientation course which upon completion will give you access to our full Subscription Course catalog. You may enroll into any course you wish automatically. No need to wait for a student service team member. 

The Rules This program provides a great price for the best online technician training, and there are a few rules.

1. The start date of the one-year (365 days) annual subscription begins on the date payment is received.

2. Additional technicians may be added at any time at the same price.

3. Each technician may enroll in only one course at a time.

4. We recommend that technicians who are not yet NATE or HVAC Excellence Certified, start with the TCA, and complete all the courses listed on the Professional Education Plan (PEP) before enrollment into other course(s). A strong foundation is important.

5. Advanced technicians, who already hold NATE or HVAC Excellence Certifications, do not need to begin with the TCA and are free to select any course to earn CEU’s or to refresh or expand current knowledge.

6. Enrolled Contractors / Owners / Supervisors are free to select any course.

7. You will be automatically enrolled into the Subscription Lobby upon completion of payment. Here you will find the required Orientation course followed by access to any course in the subscription catalog. No need to wait, you can get started right away! 

8. Certificates of Completion are issued automatically to those who earn a score of 75% or higher in a course.

9. There is no cap to the number of courses each technician may complete during the annual subscription; complete as many courses as they wish, working at their own pace.

10. A list of add-on courses (not included in the Annual Subscription program) is at the end of the Subscription catalog. If you want to enroll in any of these, just email to request a 15% discount code. Purchase directly from our online store and enter the code for your 15% discount.

11. If you want to renew your subscription, simply re-purchase the Annual Subscription through our online store. 365 days will be added to your enrollment period, so you don’t expire.