050 Applied Math


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050 Applied Math

(12 hours / 60 days) Foundation
Written by Chris Compton

A course designed to refresh and exercise common math concepts as applied to the HVACR workplace.

This course provides demonstrations and exercises in the four basic math functions; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Each of the four functions is practiced using HVACR workplace applications.

The course is offered without an instructor, but everything you need is included in the learning modules to refresh your working knowledge of basic math.

Each of the four math functions are applied to:

  • Whole numbers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals

Each module provides a tutorial that demonstrates how the specific process is performed and then followed with a selection of exercises to sharpen your skills. The correct answer is given after each of the exercise problems. The module is completed with a 10 randomly selected question exam. You will have 5 attempts at each exam to master math process assessed. Your highest score will be entered in your grade book.

  • Module 01: Addition of Whole Numbers
  • Module 02: Subtraction of Whole Numbers
  • Module 03: Multiplication of Whole Numbers
  • Module 04: Division of Whole Numbers
  • Module 05: Addition of Common Fractions
  • Module 06: Subtraction of Common Fractions
  • Module 07: Multiplication of Common Fractions
  • Module 08: Division of Common Fractions
  • Module 09: Addition of Decimal Fractions
  • Module 10: Subtraction of Decimal Fractions
  • Module 11: Multiplication of Decimal Fractions
  • Module 12: Division of Decimal Fractions

Each course purchase allows 60 days enrollment to complete. Must obtain a 70% or higher to obtain CEU recognition. Course provides you with a Subject Matter Expert (mentor) to assist with questions and all course materials for the duration of the course.

Textbook Reference: https://www.hvacrassets.net/Textbook/TextbookPage081021.pdf