160 Pneumatic HVAC Controls


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160 HVACR Pneumatic HVAC Controls

(24 hours/ 60 days) Advanced
Written By - Ron Auvil

Pneumatic HVAC Control Systems were the predominant type of commercial building control system for many years. They are still around today in 20-30% of commercial buildings but the technicians that installed and serviced them have retired! An HVAC Technician needs to have a thorough understanding of these Pneumatic Control Systems to be able to effectively service this marketplace. The instructor of this online course, Ron Auvil, started his career exclusively as a pneumatic controls technician and has served as a pneumatics consultant and trainer for decades. He will pass along to you the tips and tricks that he learned from the ‘Master Pneumatics Technicians’ that he worked with for many years! This course is designed for advanced level technicians and building maintenance personnel who are responsible for servicing and troubleshooting these Pneumatic Control systems.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of BAS Program 153-157 or equivalent field experience.

Textbook: “Pneumatic Controls” by RSES is required; access to the e-book is included and provided in the course. In addition, we will be using field manual pdf’s from various vendors. Actual Job Prints will be used as needed. This course is NATE recognized for 24 hours of continuing education (CEHs) which are applicable to NATE re-certification.

The eight modules in this course are:

  • The Air Compressor Station
  • Pneumatic Actuators, Dampers, and Valves
  • Pneumatic Loads; Pneumatic Thermostats
  • Pneumatic Transmitters
  • Pneumatic Receiver Controllers
  • Pneumatic Auxiliary Devices
  • Pneumatic Prints and Applications
  • Troubleshooting Pneumatic Controls