310 Pricing for Profit


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310 Product and Service Pricing for a Profit

(15 hours/60 days) Foundation
Written by Tom Grandy

This is the first in a series of Online Courses for Contracting Businesses, developed in collaboration with nationally acclaimed Grandy and Associates. This 15 hour course covers everything you need to calculate a realistic hourly rate for your installation and service jobs; budgeting and cash flow; equipment replacement costs; field labor costs; material sales; customer response cards; discussion of flat rate pricing; overhead; company matching taxes; fixed and variable overhead; net profit; overhead absorption; break-even rate; markup vs. profit; calculation of hourly rate; overhead cost per hour and an evaluation of the "what if" process. This course is specifically designed to help you consider all the costs of running a profitable business and setting your pricing at levels that keep your business going and growing.

Module topics are:

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow
  • Equipment and Replacement Costs
  • Field Labor Costs
  • Material Sales – Overhead Costs
  • Net Profit