311 15 Strategies For Success


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311 Fifteen Things All Successful Companies Have in Common

(15 hours/60 days) Foundation
Written by Tom Grandy

This is the second in a series of Online Courses for Contracting Businesses, developed in collaboration with nationally acclaimed Grandy and Associates. This 15 hour course describes in detail what all successful companies have learned; “whatit takes to survive and prosper”. The five modules cover the 15 important topics that every business must know to make it in the Contracting Industry. Each topic provides a fresh insight into how to run a very profitable business in today’s marketplace. We saved the best for last, which is the section on tax tips --this section alone will provide enough tax savings to pay for this program. At the end of each section there is a list of additional resources to expand your knowledge of that subject.

Module topics are:

  • Realistic Labor Rates; Budgeting; Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan; Marketing Tools; Collections Policy
  • Networking; Planning for Growth; Maintenance Agreement Program
  • Company Newsletter; Flat Rate Pricing; Customer Response Cards
  • Customer Service Training; Bank Line of Credit; Tax Minimization Plan