Commercial Refrigeration: Troubleshooting 9 System Problems


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Troubleshooting 9 System Problems

October 5th / 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM PDT

Participants will be introduced to the listed topics and become familiar with commercial HVAC systems and Troubleshooting / Operation techniques.

This first part of Troubleshooting sessions will evaluate 9 of the most common refrigeration system conditions. It will show what symptoms dictate which condition, and which do not. Only through a thorough understanding how symptoms relate to conditions can a service technician properly diagnose system operations.


Dick Wirz has been in the HVACR trade since 1963 and owned a commercial refrigeration company for 25 years. He holds Master Licenses for both HVACR and Electricity in three states. He is also NATE certified in all categories. After his first retirement in 2001 he became an Associate Professor and Asst. Dean for the A/C-Refrigeration program at Northern Virginia Community College before retiring in 2014. He is the author of Commercial Refrigeration for Air Conditioning Technicians published by Cengage. He and his wife Irene have developed Instructor CD training aids under their company name of Refrigeration Training Services which are used in HVACR training programs and schools in all 50 States.