Technical Core Assessment (TCA)


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Technical Core Assessment (TCA) 

If you are a technician, but you’re not sure where to start, or what to study first, start with this online assessment of your current knowledge.  Don’t waste time taking classes you don’t need.  The TCA will reveal your strengths and weaknesses in nine CORE areas of HVACR, and indicate your readiness for industry certification exams such as HVAC Excellence, or NATE.

If you’re a manager or supervisor, the TCA is a great way to establish a competency based training plan for new hires and existing technicians. It is a series of nine separate assessments focusing on HVACR Core knowledge areas. The questions for each assessment are randomly selected from a pool of qualified questions for that knowledge area.  The TCA has an unlimited enrollment duration. This is so that you may reference your scores and recommendations throughout your time with us.

You’ll receive automatic feedback after each assessment on if we recommend additional training or not. Your performance on the assessments will determine the recommendation.  It is not necessary to complete all nine assessments in one sitting or in any order, but you will want to complete each individual assessment in one sitting.  Allow 30 minutes for each assessment. We recommend that you have a calculator, a watch or clock with a second hand, a pencil, and note paper to assist in completing the assessments.

Your Professional Education Plan is competency based training, customized for your needs.  If you follow your plan and complete the courses or reviews recommended, it will bring your knowledge up to the industry standards for CORE knowledge excellence and prepare you for certification exams.

The knowledge areas covered are:

  • Safety Assessment (Core) - 1 Question
  • HVAC Efficiency Technician 2 (Core) - 12 Questions
  • Electrical 1 Assessment (Core) - 20 Questions
  • Electrical 2 Assessment (Core) - 20 Questions
  • Electrical 3 Assessment (Core)- 20 Questions
  • Electrical 4 Assessment (Core) - 20 Questions
  • HVAC Physics Assessment (Core) - 20 Questions
  • HVAC Air Properties Assessment (Core) - 20 Questions
  • Refrigeration Cycle Assessment (Core) – 20 Questions