Apprentice Program Year 1


Refund Policy
Full Price: $1,357.00
Pay As You Go: $500.00 down payment, followed by 6 monthly payments of $143.00

HVACR Apprentice Related Training Program YEAR 1

This apprenticeship related training program is an entirely online and convenient quality education. is a US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Training Provider because our online courses align with the US Department of Labor Apprenticeship Guidelines.

This online program is the related training/educational component of registered apprenticeship programs; or many employers find it a valuable structured way to provide on-the-job training to new employees. [Note: Employment and on-the-job-training are not included.] All courses are written and supported by qualified industry experts. Courses are open entry: open exit, available 24/7/365 so students may begin the program at any time. Students have 8 months from the date of enrollment to access their online program and complete the year’s curriculum, but they may complete in less time without restriction. We are happy to offer assistance registering your apprenticeship program with our online training in your state, please contact us.

Year 1 (155 hours) includes all of these learning topics:

  • Basic Construction Math (12 hrs)
  • Basic Hand and Power Tools (6 hrs)
  • Intro to Applied Science (21 hrs)
  • Energy Sources (18 hrs)
  • Basic Sheet Metal (21 hrs)
  • Building Systems (6 hrs)
  • Employability Skills (9 hrs)
  • Copper Works (6 hrs)
  • Refrigeration Cycle I (18 hrs)
  • EPA 608 Prep (8 hrs)
  • OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety (30 hrs)

Program Learning Objectives for Year 1

The apprentice will demonstrate new knowledge in the subjects of Basic Construction Math, Basic Hand & Power Tools, Introduction to Applied Science, Energy Sources, Basic Sheet Metal, Building Systems, Employability Skills, Copper Works, Refrigeration Cycle I, EPA 608, and OSHA Construction Safety, by earning an overall average score of 70% or higher in the combined year’s curriculum. 

Textbooks: Although a number of e-books are included in the courses, The required textbooks are not included. Please check out the REQUIRED textbooks and the recommended Tool List at the back of our Master Catalog. You are encouraged to purchase your books from any book seller you choose. You may purchase new or used books, or you may borrow or share them. If you already have any of the textbooks, you may use those. If you plan to purchase books, we suggest a reputable online bookseller.

To get you started on the right foot, we provide a live program orientation and a campus navigation video to help students succeed. You will read, explore the online course resources, and take online exams at the end of each learning module. We estimate study time is at least 6 hours a week - try to complete 2 modules each week. That will keep you on track to complete it within your 8-month schedule. Apprentices can view only the first topic module, and open the following module by earning a minimum score of 65% on each exam. . . one module at a time. . . However, an overall averaged grade of 70% is required to successfully pass the program and receive a certificate of completion. You should refer to the Apprentice Student Handbook for specifics.

This program qualifies for pay-as-you-go in-house financing when purchased through the store.

Online Courses Include:

  • Online reading (similar to lecture notes)
  • Online course discussions led by the instructors
  • Textbook reading assignments
  • Online quizzes and exams
  • Streaming video, animations, web presentations
  • Competency check-off sheets

 The Program Admissions and Enrollment Process can be found HERE.

Suggested Hand Tools List for Students HERE.

Textbook Reference: